Hiring a professional downsizer can help your move tremendously. 

Today we’re joined by Courtney Newcomb of Arrange South Shore to talk about downsizing during the moving process. 

Courtney is a professional downsizer and organizer who assists families with the moving process. Courtney has moved 26 times in her life, so she learned at an early age what it meant to move—figuring out what’s needed, what you’re using, etc. Now she supplies that knowledge to her clients. 

So where’s the best place to start downsizing? According to Courtney, it’s the areas where you’re not living, meaning attics, garages, and basements. Most of the time, items in these areas have been forgotten, so they’re easy to go through. She recommends donating anything that’s still usable and can be enjoyed by others. 

“It’s so worth the investment to hire a professional like Courtney to get your home ready for the market.”

Courtney recently helped one of our sellers, and they’re eternally grateful for her assistance. We’ve seen first-hand how Courtney talks to her clients and makes them comfortable in understanding what they need to and the pace they need to move at. Aside from the experience she’s gained in all the moves she’s been through, Courtney has a background in social work, which has helped her understand how to work with different people. 

Nothing is cookie-cutter with her, and she’d never do the same thing each time. It’s important to her that her clients feel like they’re being heard, they understand she’s there to work with them, and she respects their privacy. She also notes that she works with a great team of vendors who assist with her cleanups and haul the larger items away for her. 

The bottom line is that what Courtney does usually results in a higher sales price. It’s so worth the investment to hire a professional like her to get your home ready for the market. If you have questions for Courtney or would like her help downsizing, you can give her a call at (617) 794-1327. 

As always, feel free to reach out to us if you have questions about any other real estate topic. We’re here to help.