Here are three ways COVID has improved the buying and selling process.

Luckily not everything about COVID has been negative. Here are the top three things that have improved in the home-buying and selling process because of the pandemic:

1. The process is better controlled. Back in May 2020, everyone had to adapt to the changes brought on by the health crisis, and real estate agents learned to better control the marketing and selling of homes. That includes using social media, tools such as video conferencing, controlled open houses, and more. This is great for buyers because they can look at a house online without 100 other people around them, and it’s wonderful for sellers because they don’t have all those people in their home at once.

“Real estate agents learned to better control the marketing and selling of homes.”

2. Larger audience. We have a much larger audience now because of social media and live video. 10 years ago, we would be lucky if 200 people saw our listing and some attended the open house. Now we have evidence that thousands of people have seen our listings. Also, not as many people are in offices to work, so they’re spending more time on social media.

3. Efficiency. We feel this is the best point of all three. You get more time back during the process than you did before COVID-19. For example, you often don’t need to attend the closing, so you can be packing or enjoying a meal with your family while you wait for the call about your offer or listing. Everything is also done electronically now, which saves time. Each party in the sale performs more efficiently now which benefits both buyers and sellers.

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